Steps to Selling a Business

On average, selling a Business will take several months. You will need correct pricing, proper exposure, and an experienced Broker with connections to handle your transaction. Buyers want facts. You will need a complete package of information about your Business, including financial data and lease documentation so we can present it to our clients. Here are some of the steps to selling your business:

1. Collect all of the pertinent data:

  • A copy of the existing Lease
  • A copy of your past 3 months utility bills
  • Financial statements for past 3 years
  • List of all equipment leases
  • List of all Chattels (furniture, fixtures and equipment)
  • List of past and present customers
  • Notice of Assessment for past 3 years
  • Approximate value of your normal inventory
  • Copy of franchise agreement (if applicable)
  • List of loans against the business

2. Establish a fair market value with our assistance
3. Prepare a customized marketing strategy
4. Inform potential buyers and buyer-agents of this opportunity
5. Showings
6. Offer and negotiations
7. Closing
8. Familiarization

I will go over the above steps in more detail when I meet with you. I  prepare you for every step, and ensure your transaction is handled smoothly and that you are buffered from any stress.

Looking forward to earning your business too.