Selling Your Home With Pets!

Selling When You Have Pets!

Many homes on the market have pets. When selling your home, the goal is to make it appealing to the widest possible audience. Selling a home with a pet deserves special consideration and extra effort to make it attractive to the greatest range of potential buyers.

Remember, your pet can become nervous when strangers enter your home.  Homes are a well-defined territory, something to defend against intruders. Dogs have a tendency to bark. Barking creates a pretty big distraction that will make it difficult for buyers to focus on features of your home.

There is also the possibility that some home buyers may have pet phobia, or allergies.

Now, homebuyers with no pets, nor the desire to have any, may look particularly close for indications of wear and tear on the property during the showing. You’ll want to give the impression that wow, the owners had a dog or a cat, but their home was so clean. So, do some homework and prepare your home for sale when you have pets — Declutter,  Deodorize, shampoo the carpets and the drapes, do thorough cleaning, repair the pet wear and tear and defiantly spruce up your backyard.

In addition to cleaning and preparing your home, you’ll need to start thinking about how you’ll manage your four-legged family member while your house is on the market. They get nervous and this is not good for their health.  Something to think about!

Buyers are looking for a clean, organized space where they can easily imagine themselves at home. Taking some time to view the home from a buyer’s perspective will give you a better vantage point for improving your home’s appeal, selling it faster, for top dollar which is better for everyone, even our four legged or two legged friend.

Thank you for reading this post and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.