Selling A Business!

Even in today technology world, most small to medium sized businesses are sold through connections. I advertise your business to my database of clients and agents that are actively looking for a business. We make sure that we will attract the buyers that will pay the most for your business, because we have qualified them and we know what they are looking for. A copy of the following pertinent data is required:

  • A list of any equipment leases,
  • A copy of your existing lease,
  • Your financial statements for the past three years,
  • A list of your Chattels (furniture, fixtures, equipment),
  • List of past and present customers,
  • An approximate value your inventory,
  • A copy of franchise agreement (if applicable),
  • A list of loans against your business.
  • We will establish a fair market value, prepare a marketing strategy, inform buyers and agents in our database about your business, facilitate showings, prepare offers and negotiate, and be there on and after Closing. We will ensure this entire process is as smooth and as stress-free as possible for you.

Please contact me and tell me about your business. Let’s set up a confidential meeting to discuss the sale of your business. Thank you.