Offer accepted. What’s next?

Congratulations. The Seller liked your offer, and now it’s a done deal. Typically, you have about 30-90 days before the home is yours to move in to. It’s now time to celebrate as you imagine moving onto the next phase of your life. Maybe it’s a brand-new neighborhood for you, too, so you’ll want to spend some time exploring the area keeping an eye out for the restaurants, shops and parks that will soon become your favorites.

There’s also a long list of things to accomplish from your end, such as booking movers, packing, and arranging for utilities in your new place (see page on moving for details of everything that should happen). You may also be putting plans in place for renovations. I will remind you of key dates, what needs to be done, and recommend professionals to help you get everything done smoothly.

A brief note on buyer’s remorse…I’ve worked with buyers who are so worried about making a commitment that they miss several good opportunities. While the choice to buy a home is ultimately yours, my job is to advocate for you, which means I’ll bring you back to the plans you originally brought into our office when you first made the decision to buy a home. Together we can frequently re-evaluate your position to see how things are going and whether anything’s changed – your search criteria, price range, personal circumstances. All this careful evaluation, as well as thorough followup, really pays off! Though finally assuming the responsibility of homeownership can still be scary, our team provides a lot of support to help you manage it. Our goal is for you to be absolutely exhilarated by your purchase and as a result, the vast majority of our clients have been thrilled both by the process and by the end product – their beautiful new home. Please see our Testimonials section to hear this in our past clients’ own words.

Of course, during the closing period my team will also handle the many details that remain behind the scenes: liaising with the other agent, coming with you on any access visits to the property that you’re entitled to so you can preview your new home, making sure all parties are followed up with in a timely manner. I will always start by making sure you get a fully signed copy of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale for you records, and get these documents to your lawyer right away. If you don’t have or know of an experienced real estate lawyer, I’d be happy to recommend you to one I use frequently.