Marketing your home

Homes that are poorly marketed may not achieve market value. In other words, without the best exposure, you don’t get the best price. So if you want to DIY, that would be one of the major reasons not to – most homeowners simply don’t have access to an organized, powerful marketing machine, and the FSBO  sites certainly don’t offer that. Even if you do choose a Realtor to represent you, it has to be a good, committed Realtor with experience in today’s competitive market.

I’m stunned at the number of Realtors who don’t bother to take professional pictures of the home, get details wrong on the MLS listing, don’t bother to verify legal details and don’t do anything to promote it other than put it up on the MLS. You’re paying top dollar as a Seller and you deserve better! My marketing efforts don’t stop from the moment you sign the Listing Agreement to the moment you have a firm, accepted offer in your hand.

I will develop a detailed, custom marketing plan that will give your property the maximum exposure and attention it deserves.

We’ll go from there – for some homes, I arrange cleaning, painting, formal staging, even a pre-sale home inspection from a qualified inspector so your home’s condition is honestly disclosed to potential buyers. We’ll discuss which extras your home may need, as well as other forms of advertising, when we meet! You will always know what actions are being taken to sell your home, and receive regular progress updates as to showings feedback and other interest on your home. I’ll also be sure to keep you up-to-date on sales of other homes in the area so you can see what’s happening.