Looking for a home

Home ownership is an intense experience, as important as the relationships in our lives. Why? Your home is where it all happens. It is your private palace, made just as you want it. I’m here to make sure you get exactly the right home for you.

By the time my clients meet with me, they’ve often done their own online research, looked at For Sale signs in different neighborhoods, even spent precious weekends going to public open houses. But they are nervous to invest the hundreds of thousands or even millions involved without no guarantees. The people who contact my team have usually decided that the expertise of an experienced Realtor is required to make their real estate dreams come true.

I can offer a number of strong guarantees:

  • guarantee that your house will have proper title (deposits won’t vanish into thin air or be lost on trick conditions)
  • you will make an appropriate offer for the value of the house (not overpay)
  • you will get the house of your choice more often than not (not underbid)
  • the house will free of substantial hidden defect (inspection)
  • you will get fair financing (if you are not happy with what your own bank offers you)
  • you will have far fewer headaches during the process
  • you will be confident throughout the buying process that you are not making any missteps

Before we go out looking at homes in person, we’ll sit down for a full consultation so I can get a better picture of what your ideal scenario is. During this consultation, I’m going to ask you some thought-provoking questions, and as I listen to the answers, I’ll be learning more about your homeownership goals and desires. Of course, I’m also there to answer all your questions! We’ll discuss things like your preferred neighborhoods, the different ways to own a home (such as condo townhomes vs. freehold townhomes), the price range you’re comfortable with, offers, closings, and what to expect during the whole buying process in plain English.

My clients keep coming back to me, as they value peace of mind and certainty. I know my business and I take very good care of my clients interests.