It’s closing day. Woohoo!

Pay it Forward
I always encourage my clients to stay on good terms with the people who bought their home. Though the buyers are legally obligated to close the deal, it’s always nice to have a good relationship with them – what goes around, comes around! This can mean being as flexible as you can when the buyers want to come in for one of their access visits; being willing to consider buyers’ offers to purchase some of your furniture and decor not included in the offer; and getting back to me in a timely manner so I can respond to any of the buyer’s requests. Remember when you bought your home and your insurance company asked a lot of questions about the house – and you didn’t necessarily know the answers? That information (like dates of recent renovations) had to come from the sellers. Now you are the seller and you may get those kinds of requests. Please pay it forward by helping out the buyer!

There’s even more you can do to make this a great experience for the buyers. The most important thing is to leave your home in a broom swept condition. Some agents will even put this into the offer because sometimes, people move out and leave a huge mess behind! Please plan ahead to have your home cleaned out before the buyers move in. Some often-overlooked areas are closets, backyards, crawlspaces, garages, and yes, the fridge!

As you know, moving is quite stressful. Imagine how great it would be if someone made it easier by providing you with a list of the service providers they used, so you didn’t have to spend time looking for information when you need it most! You can help out by leaving the new buyers some names and phone numbers of services you use, such as your alarm system, auto mechanic, house cleaning, lawn/garden services – even your veterinarian and local dry cleaner. The buyers will be thrilled at your goodwill!

On a practical note, the buyers will definitely need things like your old warranty papers (for your roof, heating/cooling system, appliances etc.), contracts or receipts for work or services done on the property by you or by contractors within the last five years, and extra keys to doors, outside storage buildings, crawl spaces etc. Also garage door openers if that applies to you, as well as the security alarm code if you’ve kept the alarm system going for them to assume when you leave. It’s common to leave all this paperwork on the kitchen counter. You won’t need it anymore!

Closing Day
You probably remember closing day from when you bought a home, but for selling it’s a little different, so let me re-cap! You should have met with your lawyer a couple of days in advance. Be sure to set this meeting up, if your lawyer hasn’t already contacted you (they can get really busy especially in popular moving months like June and July). At this meeting you will sign off the mortgage, the legal papers, and give a set of keys to your lawyer for the new buyers.

On the actual day of closing you will be notified later in the afternoon by the lawyer that it all happened. The property is officially closed when the money and keys change hands, and the buyers are registered on title. Now it’s onto your new home!

I am in the business of smooth transactions, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be hiccups. If you’re concerned about anything, please get in touch with me. I will be checking in with you regularly and I’d love to hear how things are going with you! After your property closes, I’ll keep in touch from time to time to see if there’s any way Ican help you. It’s my way of showing our gratitude for the time we worked intensively together, to get you happily moved on to the next phase in your life.