No matter how long your closing period is, you’ll find it catches up with you, especially if you also have a home to sell. It’s important to give yourself enough time to get everything done! There’s so much for you to do: arranging for home insurance (which can be tricky if your property needs significant upgrades like removing knob & tube wiring), connecting your utilities, packing… your to-do list is long enough without having to worry about any problems that might arise during the closing period. For example, what happens if you buy a home and the basement floods due to heavy rains before you take possession? (We’ve seen this happen!) Who is responsible, and what can be done about it? Every situation is different, but you can count on our team to negotiate aggressively to protect your interests and help you through anything that might arise!

To guide you safely and comfortably through the closing period, which usually ranges from 30 to 90 days (but can be up to six months depending on what was agreed upon when you bought the house), I will:

  • Arrange visits to your new home for you, as outlined in the Agreement of Purchase & Sale, so you can bring your friends and family to see your new home and take measurements, plan renovations etc.
  • Advise you on any inspections that might be needed
  • Recommend trusted tradespeople to you so you can start getting quotes for any renovations you may wish to carry out once the home is legally yours
  • Provide you with valuable contacts to trusted professionals such as expert real estate lawyers and careful movers
  • Explain costs and fees to you, such as helping you calculate your Land Transfer Tax
  • Recommend moving tips and remind you of important things to do, such as switching your utilities over to the new home in time
  • Help you answer questions about your new property for your insurance company that you wouldn’t automatically know
  • Check in with you on a regular basis to make sure everything is going well and you’re prepared for the big move!

Furthermore, I will also assist you with the following:

  • Moving Preparations. I will guide you how to prepare for your move so that the move doesn’t kill you before you can enjoy your new home.
  • Choosing a Mover. I have special discounts with one of Canada’s most reputable moving companies.
  • After Closing. My services don’t end when you’ve unpacked all the boxes. I am still just a phone call or email away.
  • Recommend Professional Services. I’ve compiled a list of trusted professionals to help you with everything from renovations to legal services.