Bravo at Festival South VMC


Welcome to Bravo, the newest addition to Festival South VMC. It’s a place of creativity and celebration, with three beautiful towers rising above a lively street scene, just a few steps away from the VMC subway station. You can make it your home and enjoy the many different things happening around you every day.

There are lots of parks with walking and biking trails, as well as a shopping area with unique restaurants, cafes and stores. You can flourish here and connect with your neighbours, becoming part of a new and friendly urban community in downtown Vaughan.

Living at Bravo means residents are within minutes of North America’s award-winning rapid transit system and regional transit, connecting them to the entire GTA and beyond. In addition to being part of the TTC service network, VMC Subway Station is a designated Metrolinx Mobility Hub, with York Regional Transit (YRT), VIVA buses and ZUM Transit connections.